Two veterans, Doug Adams (Cyclist) and his wife Deb Lewis (CEO-Chief Everything Officer), with their little dog Daisy (Boss), embarked the 7th of October 2010 on a year-long cycling tour of the United States to educate and inspire Americans to pay attention to what REALLY helps our veterans, military & families.  Along the way as Doug cycled over 18,067 miles, they collected and shared stories about people, organizations and communities making a difference.  As of 6 October 2011, Doug completed his last day of cycling where he started just after midnight and cycled around the Big Island of Hawaii, riding 221 miles and climbing over 14,170 ft in a single day to finish back at his ancestral home of Kea'au.  When engaging local communities during the Tour, Deb and Doug looked for every opportunity to learn and share what each community identified as effective ways to support local veterans, military & families.  The legacy of Tour will continue on through the stories and experiences Doug and Deb plan to capture and share in writing over the next several months.

Scroll down this home page to view the latest DHATour post-Tour schedule that others have requested we post.  Be sure to check out the DHATour Facebook page using the FB link above (top left) and you'll want to click "Like" at the top to help us remember and honor our 150,000 deployed military.  FB also has some great photo albums depicting days on the road and other updates.  More to Follow!

Overall Timeline  [As of 6 Oct 11-- Doug cycled over 18,067 miles and climbed more than 548,651 ft elevation!]

DHA KeyTour Dates


31 July 2009 – Two weeks after buying his bicycle, Doug’s vision- cycle 50 states and climb Mt Rainier in one year for veterans, military and families.
June 2010 – Deb retires, they move out of military quarters (Fort Lewis) and into their newly purchased RV. Both continue preparations for the DHATour. 

22 Aug 2010 – Deb, Doug & Daisy depart the Pacific Northwest.
12 Sept 2010 - 55lb lighter, Doug successfully completes last physical prep event, WI Iron Man, his first. He now feels ready to start the DHATour. They enter the last phase of preparation.

Duty, Honor, America Tour
7 Oct 2010 - Official start of cycling 50 states in one year – DHATour, Fort Drum, NY
6 Oct 2011- After cycling 296 Days out of 365 Days to all 50 States (ave 61 mi/cycle day) Doug completes his final event- cycling from Kea’au to Kea’au- Doug’s ancestral home (1Day/222mi cycle around Big Island of HI)

Post-DHATour Update

9 Oct-5 Dec 2011 – Doug runs the Army Ten-Miler, recover in Hawaii, make plans for the next phase.

6 Dec 2011 – 18 Apr 2012 Doug & Deb begin writing a DHATour book, as Deb co-authors a separate leadership book with CEO Deb Boelkes called “Unconventional Weapons for Infinite-WIN Leaders” (more info go to and launches their new business, the Infinite-WIN Institute. Deb & Doug decide which state to reside post-retirement. They are eternally grateful for the support of Barbara & Jack Cameron and Carri & Chris Baar,
 enabling them to base their activities at Fountain Valley, CA during this period. 

19-24 April 2012- Deb & Doug to participate in the 11th Annual 2012 In2InThinking Network Forum, Los Angeles, CA
 “Leading With Better Questions.” Deb & Doug will speak at Sunday’s session.

(For more information on this compelling and insightful event go to to register or to find out more about Deb & Doug’s upcoming keynote presentation.

26 April- May 2012- Deb & Doug move to Hilo, HI. Attend daughter Emily’s graduation at Tulane University.

June- Dec 2012- Deb & Doug finish their books, establish their new sustainable business corporation kumuSource (“Helping Better”), as they pursue even better ways to make a difference in the lives of others.


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